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We would like to welcome your team to the American Poolplayers Association!


This document explains the structure of the League at a local level and should be used in conjunction with your Official Team Manual provided by the APA. These bylaws have been created for the smooth and efficient operation of the League.  After all, the APA is all about having fun, meeting people, and playing pool!


Please read these bylaws carefully and keep them with your Official Team Manual for your reference. All local bylaw documents with dates prior to the revision date of this document are null and void.



Section 1:  Getting Started


Age Requirements

You must be 18 years of age or older to compete in Tri-County Arkansas APA


Office Hours


League Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 4PM to 10 PM. If no one is available to take your call, please text a message, including your name and your call will be returned as soon as possible.



Our website address is


This website allows you to:


a)      Get the latest up to date information on playoffs, tournaments or any other Tri-County Arkansas APA events

b)      Set up your Member Services account to:

·         View schedules, team rosters, standings and individual records for your division; and

·         View your lifetime APA statistics, including win percentage, tournament history, On the Breaks, Break and Runs, etc.


In addition, we also have a Facebook page at your where you can view and share pictures of tournaments, get updates about the League and chat with fellow APA members.


If you have not already done so, please join our online community by signing up for a Member Services Account and following us on Facebook today.


Even if you don’t sign up for your Member Services account, please make sure we have your email address on file. All announcements are made first online and through our email mailing list.  Having an email address on file can keep you from missing out on valuable information! The website and email are the Local League Office’s most efficient communication tools.  They help to ensure that you get the most out of your experience and keep you up to speed on what is happening at all times, be it upcoming playoff match locations, wild card picks, tournaments or any other information you and your team need to know about the League.


Team Fees


Team Fees are $35 per regardless of the number of matches played (alternative format fees will vary).  Full Team Fees must be paid for playoff matches and forfeit. If you are paying by check, please make your check payable to Tri-County Arkansas APA. There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks, plus a loss of bonus points.


Team Envelopes


The team envelopes will be delivered to the Host Location that you are playing at. 

Envelopes are due at the same Host Location immediately after the end of play.


Your team will receive bonus points if all of the following occur:


·         Innings are filled in for every game

·         The winner and loser of every game is marked with the number of racks won

·         Final match score is filled in

·         Scoresheet is signed by both teams

·         All fees are up to date

·         No abusive comments are written


The bonus points awarded will be as follows:


·         8-Ball - 2 Possible Bonus Points

o   1 point will be awarded for the entire weekly fee being included in the payment envelope and the team being current on all fees due.

o   1 point will be awarded for accurate and complete scoresheets.


·         9-Ball - 12 Possible Bonus Points

o   6 points will be awarded for the entire weekly fee being included in the payment envelope and the team being current on all fees due.

o   6 points will be awarded for accurate and complete scoresheets.


Remember these are bonus points that are awarded at the sole discretion of the League Office.


Keeping current with your weekly fees is important.  If you fall behind in payments, you may risk more than your bonus points.  You may lose your place in the playoffs and/or the opportunity to compete in tournaments.


Bonus Points for Bye Weeks


Whenever a division has an odd number of teams one team each week will not have a match. In this instance, the team with the bye shall be given the following points for the week (including the bonus points a team would have received if all the paperwork was correct):


·         8-Ball – 8 Bye Points + 2 Bonus Points (if applicable)

·         9-Ball – 60 Bye Points + 12 Bonus Points (if applicable)


Note: Teams do not need to submit paperwork or fees for bye weeks.



Yearly Membership Dues

ALL yearly membership renewals are due PRIOR to any player playing their first match of the session for the new year. If a Captain allows a player to play and their fees have not been paid that match will be scored as a forfeit for the opposing team and no bonus points will be awarded.

Past Due Procedure


First Week Past Due:  Scoresheet will be stamped Past Due – Team Captain / Co-Captain will be called.                                

Second Week Past Due:  Scoresheet will be stamped Final Notice – Entire Team will be called.

Third Week Past Due: Team Name will be changed to TEAM DROPPED DUE TO NON-PAYMENT and all players will be marked ineligible.   


Any team that falls two weeks behind in paying their team fees will receive a FINAL NOTICE on their next scoresheet. 

·         If the fees are not brought current by the third week, the team will be dropped from the League for non-payment.

·         All players on the team will become equally responsible for their share of the fees that are due, including those for the remainder of the session, and will not be able to rejoin the League until they have paid their portion. 

·         The League Office will not be responsible for fees or monies paid to a Team Captain or other team member not ultimately paid to the League.  Teams having rosters with players who owe money to the League will not be able to participate in any matches until such monies are paid. 

·         Teams that are habitually late may be required to replace their Team Captain with another, more responsible player.


Comments on Scoresheets


All concerns should be written on the scoresheet in a courteous and professional manner. This will guarantee that your concern is considered, documented and addressed. Abusive language directed at the League or the League Operator will not be tolerated on the scoresheets.  Abusive comments or complaints are considered unsportsmanlike and will be treated appropriately.




Patches are available for the following accomplishments:


·         8-on-the-Break: You make the 8-ball on the break.

·         8-Break-and-Run: You make at least one ball on the break and then run the rack.

·         9-on-the-Snap: You make the 9-ball on the break.

·         9-Break-and-Run: You make at least one ball on the break and then run the rack for ten points.

·         Rackless: Your opponent didn’t break during your match.

·         Clean Sweep Patch: For both 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches, if a team wins all 5 matches in one night (forfeited matches do not count), each person on the roster will receive a Sweep Patch.

·         Skunked:  You win 20-0 in 9-Ball.

·         Mini Slam:  8-on-the-Break and 8-Break-and-Run or 9-on-the-Snap and 9-

Break-and-Run on the same League night.  Not available during tournament play.

·         Grand Slam: Earning an 8-Ball Mini Slam and a 9-Ball Mini Slam within the same session.

·         Sportsmanship: You may nominate a player for a good sportsmanship patch. Write the nomination on your scoresheet and the League Office will determine if the patch will be awarded.



There are no limits on the number of patches you can earn in a session. If you wish to receive a patch for an accomplishment, make sure it is marked in the appropriate section on your scoresheet and fill out the Patch Request form. Patches will be awarded each time the player meets the criteria for earning a patch as long as the Patch Request form is completed and sent in to the League Office.


Patches are awarded the week after they are earned and will be included in your team envelope.


Section 2:  League Play


Preventing Forfeits 


(Player May Play Twice on One Night)

General Rule 20 in the Official Team Manual states “YOU MAY ONLY PLAY ONCE in a team match.” ( NO replays allowed the last 2 weeks of the session). However, to help prevent forfeits and to make it more likely matches are awarded on the table rather than by forfeit, the Tri-County Arkansas APA has chosen to adopt the Replay Rule approved by the APA National Office. This rule allows one player (the “Replay Player”) from a team (the “Replay Team”) to play twice on the same night in the following circumstances:


The Replay Team does not have enough players present or cannot play the players it does have present without violating the 23-Rule. 


The Replay Team’s need to invoke the Replay Rule is not the result of a player being sent home and/or made unavailable.  Attempts to take advantage of the Replay Rule should be reported to the League Office.


The Replay Team notifies their opponent of the need to use / or potential need to use the Replay Rule prior to the start of the 4th individual match.    The opposing team must allow the replay; they cannot demand the Replay Team forfeit a match.


The opposing team gets to pick which player from the other team will be the Replay Player.  The opposing team can pick any player present except those whose play would cause the Replay Team to violate the 23-Rule.  All players who have already played must be available as a choice for the “replay” match. Any player leaving early must clear with opposing Captain or it will be a forfeit.


The “replay” must be played as the last match of the night.  If a “replay” is used in a match other than the last match of the night, the re-played match and all subsequent matches will be forfeited by both teams.


Both teams may utilize the Replay Rule on the same night if necessary.  In this situation, both teams put up their own player.  The team scheduled to put up a player in the 5th match designates their Replay Player first.


Once a “replay” is used, the remaining matches must be forfeited, even if another player shows up.  If another player from the Replay Team shows up prior to the start of the “replay” match, the “replay” match is cancelled and the new player must play.


DNF – Winner of a “does not finish” match receives a 3-0 win.


There is no limit on how often a team can use the Replay Rule during the regular session as long as the above criteria are met in each instance.  The Replay Rule is not in affect during the last week of regular weekly League play of the session, Playoffs, Tri-Cup Tournaments or the LTC.


Rescheduling Matches


On occasion,  a match may need to be rescheduled. If you wish to reschedule a match, you must make a request to the League Office. Once approved by the League Office BOTH team Captains must text the makeup date and time for it to be accepted. Upon receiving approval from the League Office please use the following procedure:


·         Contact the captain of the team you are scheduled to play and notify them of your intent to reschedule;

·         If requested to do so, Team Captains must reschedule matches if the team has other pre-qualified League obligations such as Championships.

·         Rescheduled matches must be played within two weeks of the original scheduled match date. No make-up matches will be allowed in the last two weeks of the session. Exceptions with special conditions may be made by the League Office.

·         Teams must pay for all matches by scheduled match date or they will lose bonus points.

Inclement Weather


Rescheduling for inclement weather is generally a result of snow or icy conditions, but can result from any condition that makes it dangerous for players to travel to their match locations.  The League Office will use school closings and state warnings to determine whether it is appropriate to reschedule matches due to inclement weather.  If you feel that weather conditions may interfere with your, or your team’s ability, to get to your scheduled match location, contact the League Office for additional instructions.


Teams in Default


Any team that does not show up for its match for two consecutive weeks will be deemed to be in default and will be dropped from the Division.  


Additionally, any team that has not paid their League fees for two consecutive weeks can be dropped from the Division.  Teams who have failed to pay their League fees for two consecutive weeks will be notified of the past due status.  If their account is not made current in a timely manner, the team will be deemed in default and may be dropped from the division. 



Teams that are in default are still responsible for paying their team fees for the remainder of the session.  Each member of the defaulting team will be responsible for paying his/her share of the team fees owed.  The defaulting team’s players will be suspended from the League until their portion of the fees is paid.   The League Office has the right to assign different portions of the outstanding fees to individual players as it deems appropriate. If your team has a player that is past due on your roster, you will receive no points for that person’s match (even if they win) and no bonus points for any week they play while their fees are past due.



Section 3:  Sportsmanship and Conduct


Refusal to Do Business With


The vast majority of players have a great time in the League and display true sportsmanship. We seek to promote those who personify the APA spirit.  Every APA member has the right to be treated with respect and in a sportsmanlike manner, and members who display offensive behavior will not be tolerated.


At any time, at the sole discretion of the League Operator, Tri-County Arkansas APA can refuse to do business with any individual regardless of whether the individual’s APA membership is in good standing. Most often, players who are unwelcome in the League will be those who are disruptive to the League, repeatedly complain about handicaps or who otherwise deride the League in public.


Violating the 23 Rule

The last match will be an automatic forfeit if a team violates the 23 rule.


Cell Phones/Earphones

Cell phones and earphones are not allowed to be used while a player is playing.


Banned Players


If a Host Location has banned a player from entering their establishment, the team must play without him/her when playing at that location. The League does not have the right to require a Host Location to permit access to a banned person for a League match. 


Suspended Players


Tri-County Arkansas APA will honor any suspensions from a neighboring APA area.



Section 4:  League Playoffs and Tournaments


Session Playoffs



Number of Teams in Division

(at Week 6)

Playoff Structure



1 Team qualifies into LTC


1st Place vs. Wild Card


Winner advances to LTC




3 Teams qualify into LTC


1st Place team from the session will earn automatic qualification into the LTC



2nd Place vs. Wild Card

3rd Place vs. 4th Place


Winners advance to LTC



4 Teams qualify into LTC


1st Place and 2nd Place teams from the session will earn automatic qualification to the LTC



3rd Place vs. Wild Card

4th Place vs. 5th  Place


Winners advance to LTC



During the last two weeks of a session’s regular weekly play, a team cannot forfeit more than three individual matches. Teams who do not adhere to this rule will forfeit their eligibility in the Playoffs.


During each session, the 1st round of Playoffs will the weekend following final week of session.


The next session will begin the week following Playoffs.


In accordance with Official Team Manual, Session Playoff site selection will be made at, or prior to, the Team Captain meeting at the beginning of the session.  Teams that qualify for Playoffs will be notified of the site selection.  It is possible a Playoff match will be at a neutral location, or it is possible the Playoff site might be at the home of either or both of the teams involved.


Player Eligibility:  Players must have played at least 4 times with the team during the session to be eligible to play in the Session Playoffs.





Local Team Championship (LTC)


The Local Team Championship (LTC) is an annual tournament that takes place at the end of the League year. The winner of the LTC receives travel assistance to Las Vegas and the opportunity to represent Tri- County Arkansas APA in the World Pool Championships.


Travel Assistance for the World Pool Championships


The Travel Assistance Fund will be used to pay travel expenses actually incurred by the members of those teams advancing to the APA World Pool Championships. If a team chooses not to go to this event, the slot and the travel assistance will be given to the last team eliminated by the non-attending team on their LTC board.